Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tories choose Cameron as new leader

As expected, David Cameron is elected leader of the Conservatives. May I be the first to express a great sense of dismay at this turn of events - the country is obviously in a very disturbing state of moral decay when degenerate hard drug users can be elected to lead one of the main political parties!

While I say that tongue in cheek (being quite a fan of many things considered morally degenerate by those who make such judgements on others activities) when it comes to drug use I can become quite puritan. I don't agree with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair on many things but on Cocaine use he was spot on in early 2005 when he stated:
People seem to think the price of a wrap of cocaine is 50 quid, but the cost is misery on estates here and a trail of blood back to Colombia. Someone has died to bring it [cocaine] to a dinner party. People who wouldn'’t dream of having a non-organic vegetable don'’t seem to notice the blood on their fingers.
On a related point there was an interesting juxtaposition of articles on the BBC News front page. Sadly it only lasted a few minutes (I wonder if they got a call from Tory central office?) but thanks to the print screen function here it is.

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